Greentech Technology International Limited (“Greentech”, “the Company”, Stock Code: 00195), is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. On 4 March 2011, the Company successfully acquired the entire interests of Parksong Mining and Resource Recycling Limited (“Parksong Mining”), thereby venturing into the mining and sale of tin as its core business. Upon the disposal of insulation materials business on 29 December 2011, the Company has focused on the development in the non-ferrous metal industry. Parksong Mining is an investment holding company which launches tin mining through a joint venture in Tasmania, Australia. It holds a 50% interest of the Renison quarry, the Mount Bischoff open cut tin project and the Rentails tailings retreatment project. The Renison tin deposit has always been one of the largest hard rock tin deposits in the world and the largest tin mine in Australia. Our project partner, Yunnan Tin Group (Holding) Co., Ltd., is the largest tin producer in China. With its extensive tin mining experience, Yunnan Tin Group will provide potent support to our metal tin sale and the production management of the Tasmania mines. Along the acquisition of the tin mine, our management and technical teams have also been strengthened. In addition to the joining of new management members, the company was set up as a congregation of professionals with unique contributions in geological exploration, mining, processing, smelting and refining. A batch of technical staff with expertise and practical experience has also been recruited from Australia and mainland China to enhance the management of front-line production. The Company believes that an experienced management team can provide valuable advice on its future development in the non-ferrous metal industry, and will be conducive to building a strong foundation for long-term development and to grasping industrial opportunities. Greentech has high quality and promising projects, strong resource advantages, advanced tin mining technologies and an experienced management team. Focusing on the non-ferrous metal industry, the Company will seize business opportunities, step up the pace of development and enhance the value of the Company so as to realize stable growths in revenues and profits and maximize returns to shareholders.